Occupational radiation exposure limits

by sfrench

NRC: 10 CFR Part 20.1201


The licensee shall control the occupational dose to individual adults, except for planned special exposures under § 20.1206, to the following dose limits.

Total effective dose equivalent:                                            5 rems (0.05 Sv)

Deep-dose equivalent, organ or tissue:                            50 rems (0.5 Sv).

Annual limits:

Lens dose equivalent:                                                             15 rems (0.15 Sv)

Shallow-dose equivalent, Skin of the Whole Body       50 rem (0.5 Sv)

Skin of any extremity                                                              50 rem (0.5 Sv)



Doses received in excess of the annual limits, including doses received during accidents, emergencies, and planned special exposures, must be subtracted from the limits for planned special exposures that the individual may receive during the current year